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Jo Eager
Nice layout, easy to use. It's a valuable to tool to both voice artists and clients.
Aaron Abeytia
Love the idea. Hope it becomes a good resource for independent voice actors.
Allan Kelly
I like what you guys are doing a lot!
Beatriz Perez
I like the clean design. Great tool for voice overs.
Marc St-Hilaire
Clean and easy to use. Easy way to listen a voice talent.
Nelleke Dansen
I like the way you can add demos. This is a very good and easy to use tool for voice talents.
Scott Montiel
Simplicity. A great new tool for VO.
Rey Borge
Easy to upload. A great opportunity to have my audio exposed for potential work.
Steve Elliott
Very fast to upload samples. I think it's a very effective and smart way to demo reels.
Warren Richardson
Love it! A good platform and very friendly atmosphere.
Shadoe Stevens
Brilliant. Inspired. One of a kind.
Grant Gillespie
It seems like a great service filling a much needed gap.
Benjamin Hagberg
A very needed platform! Dedicated to the VOs who are sometimes underrated for their work.
Toby Ricketts
I like how it makes demos from famous clients look pretty.
Freddie Colton
Self explanatory setup. This website is revolutionary for Voice Actors! Finally a specific medium for our resume!